Your invisible Protection

Diversity of use

The flexibility and adaptability of the APWS protection system enables a wide field of applications, making it ideal for use as an independent or integrated protection concept.

Annual General Meetings

It is essential to effectively protect a company’s management from possible attacks, especially at shareholders general meetings where the most important decision-makers of a company are gathered on the podium at the same time in order to answer the shareholders' questions. APWS offers the possibility of effective ballistic protection, which is not perceived as such by the shareholders and, in addition, can be visually integrated perfectly into the appearance of the General Meeting. In addition, it is also possible to provide APWS with the respective company branding.

Political events and public speeches

In particular, if access controls are not possible or desired, APWS provides a stand-alone protective measure that provides fast, cost-effective and discrete protection at the highest level.

Panel discussions, presentations and private events

Thanks to its flexibility of design and ease of application, APWS can be inserted seamlessly into or in addition to already existing protection concepts, so that the increased protection requirements to mitigate present day threats can be addressed easily and effectively.