Your invisible Protection

Your personal benefits

APWS breaks the paradigm that to provide a high standard of protection, also brings with it great restrictions and may often only be implemented with great effort. Take advantage of the opportunities that APWS offers for your personal protection during your performances, without having to reduce quality and delivery to the audience or even having to accept restrictions on your performance.

The optimal degree of protection and safety for you and the exposed persons on the podium. Permanent ballistic protection with enhanced emergency protection against firearm and explosives attacks, as well as any objects thrown.

Your safety is paramount. The APWS protection system is not a recognizable ballistic measure; as such there is no need for explanation leading to public empathy.

Soloist or team player! APWS is an excellent protective measure for stand-alone use, but it can also be harmoniously and flexibly integrated into existing protection concepts.

Flexible and fast on the scene. The APWS protection system is tailored to the number of people to be protected and can be set up quickly at the location of your choice without special requirements.

Self-confident by Safety! The knowledge of the permanent protection increases the personal sense of safety and lets you act confidently and sovereignly at your performances.