Your invisible Protection

Irrefutable facts for your safety!

APWS is an effective and user-friendly protection system that impresses with its discreet and flexible usability. APWS is an unbeatable security measure that combines numerous advantages, especially for persons at risk.

Effective protection provided by AWPS

  • Provides effective ballistic protection against attacks from a vast array of lethal barreled weapons – from 9mm handguns all the way through to and including 7,62 mm automatic machine guns and sniper rifles, be it civilian or military grade ammunition.

  • Ballistic shielding in the event of explosive attacks by deflecting and partially absorbing the blast wave and over pressure and the possible fatal effect of fragmentation.

  • Comprehensive defense against thrown objects of any kind designed to or intended to cause serious bodily injury.


Smart protection

  • Permanent and unobtrusive ballistic protection provided to all vital organs, similar to the protective qualities of body armor.

  • In the event of an emergency, the ballistic protection provided can be extended in a split second to cover the entire body, with effective and controllable ballistic protection.

  • Additionally, a distractive element has been incorporated to be used in conjunction with APWS to distract any would be assailant.

  • The system is completely adaptable in relation to the number of persons to be protected, through ease of use, design, and it´s construction as a modular system.



Discrete protection

  • Concealed ballistic protection without any overt or recognizable to the audience or anyone on the periphery.

  • The protectee can easily communicate with the audience, as the system allows both parties to be at eye level.

  • The system due to its unobtrusive design is not viewed by the audience as a physical barrier, indeed it is invisible as such.

  • Potential attackers are unable to recognize the system as a ballistic protection measure and are therefore at a significant disadvantage, as they calculate and finalize their method of attack.

  • No disturbance of the overall harmonious appearance or course of the event by otherwise obvious protective measures.


Attractive protection

  • Can be harmoniously integrated into any event design through a due to a huge variety of branding options.

  • A discreet eye-catcher of the podium due to the elegant and unobtrusive appearance. APWS actually directs the audience’s eye to the speaker due to its elegant design.

  • Quick adaptation to an individual color concept due to the customizable color lighting in all RGB colors.


Unique protection

  • Developed in collaboration with International experts and specialists with international authorities, in the field of Ballistic protection.

  • The product is 100 % produced and designed in Europe, meeting and surpassing existing European production standards.

  • The system is custom made using only the highest-grade ballistic components and functional materials.

  • EU Patent pending.